Just a quick note, as of today I'm officially full-time on Downcast. That means things will actually get done in a reasonable amount of time! That will include more frequent status updates, and hopefully a couple of minor bug fix updates for v2.9.x soon.


Lack of localization has been one of Downcast's shortcomings over the years, but that will change with v3.

Open Source

Since many of Downcast's users have offered to assist in localizing Downcast, I've decided to open source the localization effort. I'm hoping this will provide better overall translations and a quicker turnaround when it comes to fixing translation errors. Just to be clear, I'm not open sourcing Downcast, just the Localizable.strings files required to localize it.

The base (English) Localizable.strings file is still changing quite frequently, so I'm putting off getting this process started until nearer to the launch of v3. That said, I've gone ahead and setup the Github repo so you can submit requests languages not already in the languages list.

Automatic Updates

Downcast will ship with a copy of the most recent localizations but it will also fetch any localization updates from our servers so you don't have to wait on a new App Store submission each time a new language is added or a translation error is corrected.


Parsing feeds has always been one of the more unpleasant parts of Downcast's codebase. Much of that is to blame on the fact that podcast feeds, RSS & Atom, are XML based. XML is incredibly powerful, but nearly all of that power is lost on simple podcast feeds. They could easily be expressed using JSON.

So, I was excited to learn that there's a brand new alternative now, JSON Feed. I hope it quickly becomes the goto podcast feed format. That will only happen if software gets updated to support it.

I will be gleefully adding support for JSON Feed in Downcast v3!


Time is a frustrating thing. There's never enough of it, it passes too quickly, too slowly, we have to waste it sleeping, there's daylight saving time, no one uses decimal time, etc. The last few years have been incredibly frustrating for me because of the lack of time I've had to devote to Downcast. I've been supplementing my income with contract work, then spending whatever time was left over, which hasn't been much, to work on Downcast. I also don't work well when I'm torn between multiple unrelated tasks, so the time I have had for Downcast has been distracted time at best. That's been frustrating, depressing, stressful, you name it.

Mercifully, this is about to change. Within the next few weeks, I'll be switching to Downcast full-time, with no other work related responsibilities. This will be major change for both me and Downcast. It has always been a part-time gig and that's always held it back. The prospect of working on it full time is exciting to me and I can't wait to see what it can become with real attention. It may not be a new beta release or a teaser screenshot, but it's big news for Downcast!

Still Here ⟶

First things first, I want to apologize for the lack of updates, responsiveness, and general silence for the last several months. It has been a struggle recently trying to find the necessary time to devote to Downcast and its users. That said, I'm still working on finishing V3, and Downcast is not dead. [more]

Mac Media Keys ⟶

As of version 2.9.17, Downcast for Mac can finally be controlled using an Apple keyboard's media keys. Since Apple still doesn't permit sandboxed apps to control the media keys, we have to do this with the help of a free 3rd party app called BeardedSpice. This app acts as a system wide controller for your media keys, passing media key press events to the appropriate application whether it's Downcast, Spotify, iTunes or some other app. [more]

Upcoming changes ⟶

Sorry for the long break, I've been busy working on the next major version of Downcast, v3.0. For the initial release of v3.0 my focus is modernizing the UI and underlying codebase changes that will reduce bugs, improve performance, and make adding features and making changes a far less time consuming process. Downcast has been playing catchup with iOS and macOS releases for a while now and v3.0 should help to break that cycle. After the initial release, the plan is to push out some other significant improvements as quickly as possible. [more]

iCloud Syncing Changes ⟶

A number of syncing improvements are being introduced in v2.9.13. Performance and reliability are the focus. Both the iOS and Mac apps are receiving the same treatment. [more]

Publishers and user-agents ⟶

When an application makes a request for a web resource, it includes a user-agent string in that request to identify itself to the server. The server may use this for any number of reasons like serving up mobile vs desktop versions of websites, analytics, etc. [more]

CarPlay ⟶

Downcast's CarPlay support is currently awaiting review now available in the App Store! This is an exciting addition for Downcast. You've been asking for this for a long time and it's finally here. [more]

A few notes on App Store reviews ⟶

App Store reviews affect sales, no doubt. That's why so many apps have a nag screen begging for ratings. Downcast won't do that in the app since it's annoying, but it doesn't mean I don't want your positive review or 5-star rating! [more]

Tips - A Way to Support Downcast ⟶

Downcast has always been one of the most inexpensive podcast clients available despite its long list of features. I’d like to keep it that way but it needs to generate more revenue in order to continue adding the features podcast listeners want and expand to other platforms. [more]

Downcast in 2016... ⟶

Downcast had its ups and downs in 2015. I took over development & support at the beginning of 2015 and it has been a learning experience. An Apple Watch app was introduced and our iOS player UI was overhauled. The player UI change brought with it some painful bugs but now that the worst of them are resolved, Downcast is in a much better position to be improved going forward. [more]