This update finally introduces Siri Shortcuts support for Downcast. You'll find a new button called "Siri Shortcuts" on the "More" tab. This view shows you a list of the available shortcuts you can setup within Downcast as well as any you've already configured here.

Built-in Media Shortcuts

You can also initiate playback using the standard media intent shortcuts without configuring anything in Downcast or in the "Siri Shortcuts" app. All you have to do is speak one of the following commands:

  • "Hey Siri, Play <podcast title> in Downcast"
  • or "Hey Siri, Play <playlist title> playlist in Downcast"
  • or "Hey Siri, Play my <playlist title> in Downcast"

For podcasts, this will start playback of the first episode in the podcast's local episodes list. For playlists, this will start playback of the first episode in the playlist. This logic will be updated soon to resume the most recently played, but not yet finished, episode. Or, if there are no partially played episodes, the most recent unplayed episode.

Siri doesn't always seem to recognize podcast and playlist titles, especially when they contain multiple words. If this becomes a problem you can just setup specific shortcuts for problematic podcasts or playlists within the "Siri Shortcuts" view on Downcast's "More" tab with a custom phrase.

Current Episode Information

There is another shortcut, not visible within the app, but configurable within the Siri Shortcuts app, called "Current Episode Information". This shortcut will return a data structure that contains information about the current episode in Downcast like title, play position, duration, the artwork, etc. This can be useful for building complex shortcuts that use information about the current episode.

Other Bits

The "Play" shortcut can be executed when Downcast is running or suspended. If it isn't running, it will be launched in the background. The other shortcuts require Downcast to be running.

Please contact support if you want to suggest any additional shortcuts.