This release is mostly a performance + bug fix release. The iOS app should be noticeably more stable now. I was able to identify and fix a few really difficult to debug issues that would lead to random crashes, especially in the background. There are some general performance improvements as well as a couple changes to reduce memory consumption.

Several issues with the download queue were also fixed. That includes an issue where deleting downloads wouldn't update the episode counts for the corresponding podcast, a row duplication issue when rearranging downloads, and a queue order issue when queueing multiple episodes for download at once. All very annoying issues, all fixed.

I'm still working on the sync replacement, among other things, which is still going well and I hope to be done with that very soon. Hang in there, changes are on the way.

Also, a surprising number of you ask how to provide additional financial support. How nice! Downcast has had a tip jar for quite a while now to let you do just that! I haven't really promoted it because that's annoying, but I get enough inquiries that I feel it needs to be mentioned from time to time. You can find it in the app here: More tabSupport Downcast.