v2.9.18 (iOS & macOS) has been submitted to the App Store for review. Assuming no arbitrary roadblocks are thrown in it's way, it should be available within the next two days.

This is a very minor maintenance update. The primary purpose of this update was to fix a serious iCloud bug caused by a change in the way a specific API responds in iOS 11 & macOS 10.13. This prevented iCloud syncing options from being enabled in Downcast if you had either removed all of Downcast's iCloud data (per our troubleshooting suggestion) or you had never enabled Downcast's iCloud syncing options before.

This also makes a minor change to the feed subscription process. Now, when you play an episode directly from search results or top podcast results, the 'Subscribe' button no longer becomes disabled.

There will be another update prior to the iPhone X being released.