This update contains a big improvement in Downcast's macOS app that reduces the chances of running into the dreaded 'inaccessible resource' issue. Per Apple's suggestion, Downcast stores security-scoped bookmarks for file system resources rather than absolute paths. Bookmarks are a more robust way to keep track of the content Downcast downloads like artwork, episode media files, etc. However, these bookmarks can become stale or invalid for a variety of reasons. When this happens, it's usually possible for the app to automatically refresh the bookmark and continue operating without issue. Unfortunately, Downcast wasn't handling a specific recoverable condition correctly prior to this build and that led to users experiencing this frustrating 'inaccessible resource' issue when they shouldn't have. This build addresses that issue and fixes several issues with the 'Resolve Inaccessible Resource Issues' dialog that was created to help you resolve these issues when Downcast can't do so automatically. The fixes and changes are mentioned in the change log.

Also fixed in this update is a syncing issue that could lead to the deletion of a podcast subscription after Downcast detected that it's feed URL was permanently changed. If you were affected by this, resubscribing to the podcast would appear to work but it would eventually be deleted again in the future. This affected the iOS and macOS apps and should be resolved now.now.

See the change log for the full list of changes.

Coming soon

The next release One of the next few releases will, finally, include support for Siri Shortcuts. More on that soon!