Just a quick note, as of today I'm officially full-time on Downcast. That means things will actually get done in a reasonable amount of time! That will include more frequent status updates, and hopefully a couple of minor bug fix updates for v2.9.x soon.


Lack of localization has been one of Downcast's shortcomings over the years, but that will change with v3.

Open Source

Since many of Downcast's users have offered to assist in localizing Downcast, I've decided to open source the localization effort. I'm hoping this will provide better overall translations and a quicker turnaround when it comes to fixing translation errors. Just to be clear, I'm not open sourcing Downcast, just the Localizable.strings files required to localize it.

The base (English) Localizable.strings file is still changing quite frequently, so I'm putting off getting this process started until nearer to the launch of v3. That said, I've gone ahead and setup the Github repo so you can submit requests languages not already in the languages list.

Automatic Updates

Downcast will ship with a copy of the most recent localizations but it will also fetch any localization updates from our servers so you don't have to wait on a new App Store submission each time a new language is added or a translation error is corrected.