First things first, I want to apologize for the lack of updates, responsiveness, and general silence for the last several months. It has been a struggle recently trying to find the necessary time to devote to Downcast and its users. That said, I'm still working on finishing V3, and Downcast is not dead.

Version 3 of Downcast is a complete rewrite, which is extremely time consuming. It's still the same Downcast you're used to, but modernized from front to back, and with several new features. I'm not going to predict a release date at this time but it won't be much longer.

Completion of V3 is the top priority right now and between supplementing my income with contract work and finishing V3, I simply don't have any additional time to provide personalized customer service. Until I can, I'll be updating the help site as best I can to try to make it more self servicable.

Going forward, I'm going to start posting semi-regular updates regarding the progress of the app, a few screenshots, and update the help site to make it a bit more self servicable.

I appreciate everyone's patience during this frustrating period. I'm doing my best to push through and provide the updates and support you need as soon as possible.

Here's a couple of screenshots of V3 with a dark theme applied, more later:

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